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Rent-To-Own Program

• Minimum Rent-to Own 585 FICO Score
• Mimimum Household verifiable income is $50,000 per year
• Maximum DTI 45%
• PTC approved properties only.
• Deposit Required is $10,000 NON REFUNDABLE Option Fee APPLIED AT CLOSING.
• PTC Financial Corp holds the house for the next 24 months.
• Build your credit over the next 12-24 months.
• Must work with PTC Approved Lender
• You can purchase the home using one of the Down Payment Assistance programs in the next 12 months or 24 months
• OR you can rent the house for at least 24 months with documented Bank Statement proof of on-time rental payments,
(24 canelled checks, or 24 mony orders or 24 months automatic ACH drafts).
• Credit scores and Fannie Mae guidelines allow you to qualify for a Conventional Mortgage to obtain the 0% Down Payment option and
use your Option Fee and Security Deposit for Closing Costs. 0% program is based on the Fannie Mae Contventional mortgage loan guidelines.

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